mercredi 1 juillet 2015


the SHITNOISE FEST5 was a killer/killing night! ther is so much great french bands right now!!!
only one thing sucked : one of our singer was missing!
THANKS A LOT to Sapiens and will/IFEELGOODrec. and peoples from LE PUIT!!!!

even if our set kinda sucks, it was a crazy show!
WARFUCK and WHORESNATION left in ruin the place!
these are 2 of the very best grind bands right now!
YATTAI destroy as usual! 
Strange set from ATARA without their singer, but it works well, and on a side note their new CD is fucking great!
GRUNT GRUNT fucked up peoples as usual! for the weirds by the weirds!
kiss and good night!

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